Stetsom STX2448 Áudio Processor 2-Channels 4-Ways

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Stetsom is one of the leading brands in car audio in the world.

Developed for those seeking high performance and sound fidelity in automotive amplifiers with the most innovative electronic components.

This is an excellent deal: a top-quality, digital sound processor for a great price.


Number of processors (DSPs) 1
Input Channels 2
Output Channels 4
Output Gain Yes
Master Level 0 ~ 100%
Graphic Equalizer 15 Bandas (Band)
Graphic Equalizer presets 15
Parametric Equalizer Input 1
Parametric Equalizer Output 1 / Output (Total: 4)
Routing A,B / A+B
Crossover Butterworth (dB/8ª) 12/18/24/36/48
Crossover Linkwitz-Riley (dB/8ª) 12/18/24/36/48
Limiter Yes
Automatic Attack/Release Yes
Delay 0 ~ 8ms (275cm)
Frequency Generator Yes
Frequency scan Yes
Display LCD16x2 Characters
Screen saver Text
Security Password Yes
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 22,5KHz @ -1 dB
Latency 1,08 ms
Signal to Noise >90 dB
THD <0,01%
Channel Separation >80 dB
Maximum Input Voltage 4,5 Vpp (+6,3 dBu)
Maximum Output Voltage 4,5 Vpp (+6,3 dBu)
Supply Voltage 10V ~ 15V DC
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 37 x 200 x 101 mm
Weight Kg 0.455

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