Taramps CRX4 Crossover 4-channels

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Taramp's is one of the leading brands in car audio in the world.

The CRX 4 Crossover is carefully developed with state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge components, alongside with high-quality raw materials. Therefore, it is a reliable product for your automotive audio system. Offering versatility, it has four ways with adjustable High Pass and Low Pass filters, both with individual output level control. It also has a BASS BOOST adjustment, providing a better division of the bass, mid, and treble frequency ranges.

This is an excellent deal: enhance your system to make it even more professional for a great price.


Input impedance 27k ohms
Maximum input level 8V RMS
Maximum output level 8V RMS
Crosstalk (separation between channels) >80dB
Power supply voltage 10 ~ 15.5VDC
Protection system Against polarity reversal
Number of ways 4
Low way (MONO) Frequency cut / Variable (LPF): 40Hz ~275Hz (-12dB/8th)
Bass Boost Variable Central Frequency: 20 ~65Hz (Fixed Gain 6dB)
Low mid way (STEREO) Minimum frequency of HPF cut / Variable: 25Hz ~ 140Hz (-12dB/8th)
Maximum frequency of LPF cut / Variable: 300Hz ~7.5Hz (-12dB/8th)
High mid way (STEREO) Minimum frequency of HPF cut / Variable: 200Hz ~5KHz (-12dB/8th)
Maximum frequency of LPF cut / Variable: 1.2KHz ~ 12KHz(-12dB/8th)
High way (STEREO) Frequency cut / Variable: 550Hz ~13.7KHz (-12dB/8th)
Dimensions 7.480 x 1.574 x 5.708 inches (190 x 40 x 145 mm)
Weight 1.234 lbs (0.560 kg)
Additional information Power supply: With switched-mode DC-DC converter
Voltage Range: 10 ~ 15.5VDC
Nominal Consumption (12.6V): 0.38A

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