Zendel RGB Strobe Connect Volt

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With this Strobo Volt from Zendel you will make a difference with your car and attract attention with a differentiated and exclusive style. Not to mention that this strong strobe kit is also ideal for those who customize their car's interior lighting!

This Strobo comes with two headlamps with high power LEDs that provide lighting in 7 different colors: yellow, blue, white, cyan, pink, green and red. The headlights also have 12 effects options that, combined with the colors, deliver more than 90 possible combinations. Model with 12V power, which allows it to also be connected to 12V sources, with at least 2A.

It has a voltmeter to indicate the battery voltage level, making it possible to use the product more safely.

If you want to further enhance the light show, know that in the same central of this strobo it is possible to connect up to 10 headlights, in addition to the central also being compatible with RGB led strips.

Each headlamp has 3 high-performance LEDs that have a long service life so you can make the most of your customized lighting.

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